Benefits of the barrier washer

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The barrier washer is a trail blazer in the health care industry, a soon to be industry standard in all facets of health care especially during these trying times of Covid-19. This machine will excel in the healthcare sector simply because of its intentional partitioned design of the washer that allows the isolation of soiled and clean laundry along with increasing efficiency and productivity thereby allowing more laundry to get processed in a fashion that greatly minimizes the risk of cross contamination between soiled laundry and clean laundry.

  • Cleanliness

    The barrier washer greatly reduces the chance of cross contamination between soiled laundry and clean laundry

  • Efficiency

    The design of the barrier washer requires two teams, one on the clean side and one on the soiled side. Having two teams allows for faster processing of laundry as they are allowed to focus on a single task

  • Service

    The service of this machine is relatively easy esspecially when you have Alberta Laundry by your side you can rest assure that you'll receive high quality service

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