How to service a water operated drain valve

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The water operated drain valve is a crucial part to the functional operation of the washer, if this crucial piece of equipment stops working and you cant get service our instructional tutorial video will help you to service and repair your water operated drain valve to get you up and running.

  • Time saver

    Learning to service the water operated drain valve yourself is a major time and money saver especially if you live in a location that is not easily accessible or far away from a mayor city learning to repair the water operated drain valve yourself is an extremely valuable skill you must learn to prolong the life of your washer and also up keep the level of production that you have come to expect from your Electrolux/ Wascomat washer.

  • Easy to understand

    The key concepts in regards to servicing the water operated drain valve are quite simple to understand. The water operated drain valve is made up of 8 major parts that work together to create a working drain. If one or more of the components are broken or under-preforming it can drastically affect your washer ablity to produce clean clothes in a timely fashion.

  • Easy to fix

    The water operated drain valve is easy to fix because of the shear simplicity of the construction of the drain, there are very few complicated moving parts making the service of the drain valve simple and easy

                         Still have questions?

If you still have question regarding the motorized drain valve or any else please do not hesitate to contact us directly. Good customer service is a priority not a premium here at Alberta laundry.

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