How to fix an error 12-1 on a Compass Control Dryer

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Got an error 12-1 (O.H inlet air) and don’t know how to fix it? We can help. Here at Alberta Laundry Systems we have created a short detailed video tutorial to resolve your issues. Along with providing a free downloadable PDF which includes a service manual and a troubleshooting manual.

  • Advantages

    Learn how to fix an error 12-1 (O.H inlet air) on a Compass Pro Dryer. Avoid unproductive down time, making you more cost efficient.

  • Features

    In our tutorial we go over how to fix an error 12-1. We will show you the major causes of the error code.

Still have questions? We’re only a phone call away. With our knowledgeable staff we can troubleshoot any issue you may have and send out any parts you may need. And of course, for anyone who is not comfortable with doing their own repairs, we have an exceptional service team for all of your onsite repairs

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