Wascomat Crossover Drain Pump Replacement

In Washers by Alberta Laundry

How to service your drain pump

If you are having trouble with your drain pump, we can help. Here at Alberta Laundry Systems we have created an in-depth instructional video on how to fully repair and or replace your faulty drain pump.

  • Advantages.

    Learn how to diagnose and resolve drain pump problems, saving you valuable time and being more cost effective for your business or organization

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    In our instructional video we go over the multiple components that make up the drain pump and how they work. Along with simple step by step instructions on removal, repair and re-installation of your drain pump

Still have questions? We’re only a phone call away. With our knowledgeable staff we can troubleshoot any issue you may have and send out any parts you may need. And of course, for anyone who is not comfortable with doing their own repairs, we have an exceptional service team for all of your onsite repairs.

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